Diploma Themes

Dr. prof. József POÓR, DSc

  • Globalization and internationalization and Company Management
  • Management of International Firms
  • Similarities and Differences between Public and Private Management
  • Management Consulting in Developing and Emerging World
  • Training Effectiveness
  • E-learning in Management

Dr. habil. Ildikó RUDNÁK, PhD

  • Multicultural Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Lifelong Learning in Different (Corporate) Cultures
  • Economic Aspects of Labour Wastage
  • Change Management

Dr. Erika VARGA, PhD

  • Employability: The significance of competences in everyday life and on the labour market
  • Motivation, incentives, and remuneration at work
  • Recruitment and selection processes
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Generations on the labour market

Dr. Katalin SZABÓ, PhD

  • SHRM/HRM in practice
  • Workplace Health Promotion
  • Management of different generations
  • Women's labour market participation in international comparison
  • Women in line management

Dr. Attila FARKAS, PhD

  • The social acceptance of different economic policies
  • Information, communication and ethics in society
  • Political communication and the changing fortunes of liberal democracy

Dr. Péter KOLLÁR

  • Bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Job crafting
  • Transformational leadership


  • Role of cultural intelligence in international HR
  • Management styles in international management
  • Comparing cultures on national and organizational level


  • Career starters on the labour market (motivation, skills, employer’s needs, trends etc.)
  • Adult education (especially poorly educated population, groups with disadvantages)
  • Career orientation, lifelong learning, lifelong guidance

Dr. Enikő LENCSÉS, PhD

  • Artificial Intelligence (in agriculture): precision farming, smart farming
  • Cost-benefit analysis (environmental impacts)
  • Investment appraisal


  • Language barriers of intercultural communication at various enterprises
  • Language mentoring as a form of knowledge management at multinational companies
  • Increasing competitiveness by applying language mentoring system

Ildikó CSAPÓ

  • Management consulting in digital age (usage digital consulting)
  • The impact of globalization on HR management and labour market


  • State of women in the XXI.century's leadership
  • Women leaders in higher education