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In the name of the legal predecessors of the Institute of Human Sciences, the terms of human resources, communication science, language, teacher training, or social science also occur. What do these have in common? Human! Human with its own uniqueness, its relationships, language, culture, role in the world of job and education.

It is therefore reasonable for an organization’s name to have a certain content that corresponds to its traditions, which is displayed, since according to the staff of the Institute, the main value is the person. We are proud of our masters, who founded the courses, wich are the essences, nationally acknowledged, fundaments of the recent courses of today- at the dawn of a regime change.

We can think of the courses of Dr. Klára Szilágyi as Employment Counselor (today: MA in Human Resources Consulting), later Dr. János Dinnyés for Human Resources Management (today: BSc in Human Resources) or Dr. Ferenc Nemes in Management and Leadership (MSc). We need to mention the course of training of an engineer and vocational teacher course, wich saw the heyday of the time of the institute director Pál Völgyesy. It is a continuously maintained, renewed repertoire with which employees with academic degrees and decades of research and teaching history contribute to GTK’s training profile, responding to the changing social and economic circumstances.

Our colleagues organized in four differennt departments in four disciplines (Department of Career Counseling, Department of Pedagogy, Department of Human Resources, Department of Leadership) to help our students to reach the end results, of which (based on feedback from students and employers) are indicators of excellent employment possibilities or application for a higher level of education (master's or PhD training).

The basic, master's and specialized training courses under the responsibility of the Institute of Human Sciences:

  • Teacher of Agricultural Engineering, MA
  • Human Resources, BSc
  • Human Resources Consellor, MA
  • Agricultural Vocational Trainer, BSc
  • Postgraduate specialist training course in career orientation
  • Management and Leadership, MSc

Miklós Kenderfi PhD
associate professor
Director of Institute


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